The blue is so high,
and clearly still,
softens the trees, 
and my heart you fill.

Creation sings of You,
with high notes of love,
expressing gratefulness,
sending them above.

There You are,
watching and listening,
to every little heart, 
so, praise fully glistening.

I feel Your smile,
as You look down,
with Your heart of Love,
pouring all around.

Hear my notes,
I send to Thee.
Your my One and only,
and everything to me.

A Servant


5 thoughts

    1. Thanks for asking Desi. I did another one about the earthquake in Turkey dated February 16. I was nervous but I cannot believe it turned out so good, The Lord put it together. It was just a trial run but I used it. Please let me know what you think. I know He has prepared me for the Last Days teaching for years. Now it is coming together and is amazing to me! I think He is leading me to do another one that I am a little bit more nervous about. Keep praying for me Sis! πŸ™

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