Fear that drives us to trust is a blessing in disguise. If I fear people, I have only to trust God and I have the best antidote for fear. To trust when there is no cause for fear is professing faith. But to rely on God when reasons for alarm are many and imminent is the conquering faith of God’s elect. Faith produces praise. He who can trust will soon sing. God’s promise when fulfilled, is a great subject for praise, and even before fulfillment it should give us a song. When faith is exercised, fear is banished and holy triumph follows. Let us maintain faith and we will soon recover courage.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Coward and wayward and weak,
I change with the changing sky;
Today so eager and bright,
Tomorrow too weak to try;
But He never gives in,
So we two shall win,
Jesus and I.

I could not guide it myself,
My boat on life's wild sea;
There's One who sits by my side,
Who pulls and steers with me.
And I know that we two
Shall safe enter port,
Jesus and I.
              Streams in the Desert

And I know that we two shall safe enter port, Jesus and I.

Romans 4:21 And being fully persuaded that what He had promised, He was able to do.

Abraham put his spiritual eyes on the power of God, not on the weakness of his body. Then he received the promise. But only after many years of trials and preparation. God is always teaching us His way of faith.

Also in my life when I am face with an impossibility I must keep my eyes on the Lord and His great power and not on my own weakness or circumstances. I have learned that the Lord always wants the good outcome for me because that is who He is. He delights in blessing His people. I have a tendency to be negative and always think the worst. Most of us have had so many disappointments that it becomes the normal reaction.

But this is not God’s way. And He is forever changing us into His image and likeness. I know He want me to possess the land of promise and that is a very good thing. Focusing on the good outcome is not easy. Many times I have to stop and thank Him out loud for the many blessing He has given.

As I endure the trials He sends with the right attitude by exercising His power to be thankful and positive, the victory will come. Maybe not as soon as I would like, but He makes waiting glorious and joyful always giving me the peace to see me through.