I see all.
I know all.
I Am all.

Are you not in My hand?
Are you safe in My hand?
Can you feel My hand?

I Am watching.
Safe you will always be.
No one can harm,
or even touch thee!

If I promised you good,
then you can trust Me.
I will always be with you.
Never ever will I leave thee!

This world is not your home.
It has no claim on you.
For soon this will all end.
You will be Eternally all new!


7 thoughts

      1. It turned out great. I was so tired from cooking all day that I couldn’t really enjoy it til the next day.

        Now I see why people who cook meals that big do not eat it that day. Because your tired from 🍳 cooking and you do not have the strength to even enjoy it.

        But I loved every single minute of it.


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