Where does love dwell?
Is it out in an open field?
Or is it forever hiding,
in hearts that will not yield.

Does it bleed when hurt,
or does it grow stronger,
tougher and more alert,
enduring pain the longer?

What is love but the source,
of all we need in our heart,
to make it through life,
shining brightest in the dark?

What does love speak?
Can you hear its voice,
singing to the weak,
lifting them to rejoice?

Love will always be,
the language we hear,
pointing to the Father,
leading out of every fear.

For His love is greater,
than any pain we know,
lifting our hearts to Him,
filling us with His Eternal Flow!

A Servant



3 thoughts

    1. Love is the first fruit of the Spirit mentioned in Galatians 5:22. I believe God’s love must be growing inside of us before we can put it on, or it is just human love. Is that what you think?


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