14. O My dove, that art in the clefts of the rock, in the secret places of the stairs, let me see thy countenance, let me hear thy voice; for sweet is thy voice, and thy countenance is comely. KJV.

Many seem to think Song of Solomon is hard to understand because it is not clear who is doing the talking. I have always thought of it as Jesus and His bride. And it has always been a blessing to me to read. That is how I will interpret this verse and the others.

In verse 14, the Lord is speaking to His bride as she is in the cleft of the rock which is Christ. We must give Him the first place in our heart and life so that we will have an audience with Him. We know we must keep His commandments and He will come to dwell in our heart, John 14:23.

He loves us and wants to be with us, alone in the secret place with no interruptions. This life is the testing ground for His people. He lays out the instructions for us and sits back to see who will follow them. He makes the first move with a love we have never tasted, and then waits to see how much more we want.

He wants to converse with us alone. He wants us to tell Him all of our problems and share our heart with Him. In verse 15, she is asking Him to take away the little sins that spoil the fruit. That is what we are to do in the secret place. We talk about the things we want Him to remove, the things that hinder our fellowship and service to Him.

In verse 16 She says My beloved is mine and I am His… And in 17 she is waiting for Him to hurry back to her.

In Chapter 4, He is speaking to her telling her how all of her special traits are beautiful and so meaningful to Him.

In verse 7 He exclaims O My love; how beautiful you are! There is no flaw in you!

In verse 8, He says, Come away with Me…

In verse 9, He says, you have ravished My heart…

In verse 10, How beautiful is your love, My sister, My promised bride…

In verse 12, A garden enclosed and barred is My sister, My promised bride; a spring shut up, a fountain sealed.

Jesus is filled with love for one who is cleansed from all her sin. She is ready in His eyes to come away with Him. That is what fills His heart with overwhelming love for His bride. He makes her a fountain and protects her.

In verses 13 and 14, she is filled with fruits and spices.

In verses 15 and 16, He makes her a well of living waters and a garden where He is to come and eat the choicest of fruits.

This is a beautiful picture of the bride of Christ and all that He wants to do for her. How beautiful His plan is because of His great love for His own. Yes, we go through tough times and have trials that seem to hurt rather than help us. But He is at the helm always working in our behalf, molding us and shaping us for something beyond our understanding.

Let us put our hand in His and go into the secluded cleft, trusting Him to make us His bride with no flaw. That is what we really want, now isn’t it?



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    1. There is no better place on this earth to be. I pray you have a very special, fulfilling time every day that you cannot bear to do without and that He answers you with a gentleness that will change your life.


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