Lift up your eyes.
See the blue in the skies.
See heaven or see the cloud.
Do not let it become a shroud.

The fear you can resist.
I Am stronger than this.
You must choose faith today,
and believe all I have to say.

Did I not promise a reward,
to My own who go forward?
Will I let you go at last,
because of the painful past?

What is past is gone.
Let go of the wrong.
Receive again My peace,
and My gifts I will release.

Let faith fill your heart,
and a new song will start,
to fill your spirit with the key,
for you to be free in Me!

John 8:36
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2 thoughts

    1. I know that I need to. The Lord showed me if I believe that He has a good reward for me I should focus on it and the good. That is not fear and that is what He wants from me. I just seem to get sidetracked at times. Satan knows how to push my buttons.


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