Trust is built on love.
Just come and rest.
My arms will hold you.
They only want the best.

I see the road ahead.
I know how it goes.
Though you know not.
I form the wind that blows.

It won't be too strong.
It won't be too fierce,
though darts may fly,
shooting through the air to pierce.

If you hang on to Me,
We will fly high above,
every trap and snare,
escaping upon My wings of love.

So, with thankfulness.
not losing joyfulness,
enter into My blessedness,
as you learn My gentleness.


4 thoughts

    1. Yes, His love is the power that saves. More and more He shows me to love with His unending love. I fail over and over. I back away when it hurts. He never backs away. It lets me see how great He is! Pray for me!


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