When I see a heart at rest,
I begin to pour out
of My Spirit strong 
and pure with a shout.

The joy overwhelms,
when it begins to flow,
as I look and see,
My strong wind blow.

My fullness is available,
to all who will receive and rest.
Choosing My will above all,
denying all that is flesh.

Is this not the answer,
to every prayer, every need?
Does it lift you up,
out of the pit and your soul feed?

My love and power are all you need.
Strength for this hour to keep you.
My love can take the deepest hurt,
transforming and making all new.

I will make your heart My home,
when I come to dwell.
You will never be the same, of My
goodness and love you will forever tell.


Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Pexels.com

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