What happens when the bud
opens into a flower?
The beauty I created,
is set in petals of power.

Each flower is special to Me.
I give it a name.
With fragrance they flow,
and are never the same.

My rose is the most special.
Each new petal is sweet.
So very beautiful,
exquisite to meet.

I place thorns all around,
My special rose.
She is protected by Me
and continually grows.

You must carefully gather,
My beautiful rose,
with a purpose to hold,
My beautiful rose.

Is she not like Me?
My beauty of thorns and a cross,
bleeding for My children,
with an eternal fragrance of loss.


2 thoughts

  1. This poem is so beautiful as are all the others, but I never looked at a rose like that. I will see the rose a lot different now. How more wonderful and beautiful they are to me. Thank you, Jesus, for your wonderful beauty in all of your creations.


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