Every morning I look into hearts.
I look for a spot to dwell.
I look for a spot to stay.
I look for My story to tell.

Do they all know of Me?
Why don't they?
Do they have ears to hear?
Why do they not have victory?

They must invite Me in.
I never force My way.
I do have their answer.
They just do not ask today.

It breaks My heart
when they suffer.
So, I Am looking,
for an intercessor.

Prayer will open the door,
to hearts that do not know Me.
Soon they will ask,
and I will give them the key.

The harvest is indeed great.
I need workers to come!
Many are in need.
Many are so alone!

Now is the time,
to shine My Light,
into the darkness.
Yes, the fields are white!

John 4:35

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