The seasons come and go,
the heat of the sun,
the cold of the snow.
The new has begun.

Each has its purpose,
that we like to ignore,
when we grow uncomfortable
with what is instore.

We complain, "It's too hot,
bring back the cool wind."
We complain, "It's too cold,
the warm air please send."

So, it is in our days.
Some are so good,
wishing for joy to remain.
And it really should.

But do we miss the point,
the heat, the cold, the dry, the rain?
All are needed in our life,
the comfort, the joy, the tears, and pain.

One day we will understand,
the changes and the reasons,
for the good and the bad,
that made up all of our seasons.

The Heart of a Servant
Ecclesiastes 3:1

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