Though the stars melt in the sky,
and the sun shoots is flares,
My love for you will always try,
to soften your hurts and relieve cares.

Though the earthquakes,
and spews lava in the air,
will I not tend to you,
and all you have had to bear?

The foundations are shaking.
My presence unleashing,
the power of a great awakening,
into the arms of My keeping.

Today is the day to give to Me,
all your will, ending the strife,
trusting Me to lead you on,
to a greater and happier life.

I cannot lie to you.
My promise is sure.
My Word forever true,
giving you a heart eternally pure.

Now, let Me reach out,
My everlasting arms to you,
as I descend with a shout,
and a trumpet blast that is new!

Will you ready be,
when I come to get thee,
in the clouds, in the air?
So forever My love, I will be there!

1 Thess. 4:16-17 

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