Look at Me and see,
the wounds of My hands and feet.
Come and kneel.
Gaze upon Me and weep.

Gaze upon My back,
with no skin,
just bone and blood, 
to pay for your sin.

Can you see My face,
marred more than any,
disfigured and swollen,
procuring healing for many.

Behold, My thorny crown,
mocking Who I Am,
piercing My brow.
Spotless still was this Lamb.

No one rejected more than I.
They struck Me, spit on Me,
and never stopped insulting Me.
Yes, I endured it all for thee!

Is there a wound in your heart,
that My blood did not cover?
Is there a question in your heart,
that My day does not answer?

Any injustice you have,
leave it in My blood.
It will wipe away every stain,
with My cleansing flood.

Can you walk away unchanged?
Does My pain not affect
all that was done to you?
Now, let My blood make you new!

Isaiah 52:14

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