My peace and joy,
comes to you,
riding on My love,
full as the dew.

I never miss a spot,
as My blessings pour.
I see way down deep,
just what you asked for.

I remember all the hurt,
every cruel word,
every painful part.
Yes, with you I hurt.

You belong only to Me.
I will never let you go.
I Am stronger than all.
So be at peace and know.

I give the best
And always will.
Now, come and rest,
with Me be Still.

I send My love down deep,
healing wounds, making all new.
I promise always to keep,
My Arms Around You!


7 thoughts

      1. I am sorry. I think I was judging you by what I see in this country and that is wrong. I have no knowledge of what living in Zimbabwe would be like. You know the Word of God really well and I respect that so much! You know what it says about finances. And I know the Lord has chosen you and will take care of you. Forgive me. I was just really surprised.


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