My love is strong,
never in the wrong.
It will lift the fainting soul,
to heights it could never know.

It endures the drunken, 
the heathen, the thief,
loving them anyway,
throughout all unbelief.

I reach out to all,
pouring out from above,
to the needy, broken by the fall.
Will they respond to My love?

I Am your forgiveness, your strength.
I Am your happiness, your peace,
putting you above,
and not beneath.

Man cannot see My love.
But it is stronger than death,
changing lives forever,
with never ending breath.

The joy I feel,
is always there.
It never leaves,
or fills with despair.

So many reject My love,
but I continue to love.
They may in anger resent,
My offer to repent.

I Am what everyone needs.
Without Me, life is vain.
For it is only I,
Who can remove their pain.

My love endures, is not jealous,
bears all, and is kind,
not self seeking, never fails,
will never end through all time.

My own will come to Me.
They cannot resist their need.
My love will win in the end.
And all will see that Yes, It Was Me!


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