PSALM 102:16-17

16. When the Lord builds up Zion, He will appear in His Glory;

17. He will regard the plea of the destitute, and will not despise their prayer.


Mount Zion -c) OT term for Jerusalem – the city of David. – permanent capital, mountain of Jerusalem. – a monumental or guiding pillar – a desert, solitary place, wilderness.

Destitute – d) lacking the necessities of life.

This is a Psalm of David in a hard time. His enemy has been overwhelming to him and he is pouring out his heart to God. The best place to go when you are upset is to the Lord. He feels as if the Lord has cast him away (vs. 10).

There are times in our life that we do battle with the enemy and it seems that he is winning. But it may be just the way the Lord wants things for you. When Jesus was on the cross, I am sure many thought that He had been defeated and could not save Himself. But we know it was all a part of God’s plan to save mankind.

When my daughter Melanie was sick with Juvenile Onset Diabetes, things seemed to go from bad to worse. I knew that Diabetes was a spirit of fear from the devil. I was just too young in the Lord to know how to fight. I did all the right things. I prayed, I fasted, and I worshipped. But I did not know how to refuse to fear.

I thought if I prayed about it, it would eventually leave. But it did not and she died. Satan does not flee fear. And I do not remember a time that I did not fear. I read how Mordecai refused to fear, and that ministered to me. I did not know how to refuse to fear. I know I talked to the Lord a lot, but I did not know His voice yet.

I believe many people today are plagued by a spirit of fear. But I also believe the world and the media places lies in society causing them to believe that anxiety is a condition and not a sin. Rev. 21:8 says the fearful and unbelieving will have their place in the lake of fire.

Now I believe that He was in control all along. It was always His will to take Melanie home at the age of 25 and He would make that work for my good. I was in need of so much and He knew how to supply it.

When you go through something that difficult, it is working in you, if you are surrendered and believing as I was. It is all a part of a test to see if you come out broken and bitter towards God or if you cry out to Him for answers. That is what David is doing. He was afflicted and weakened and in sorrow (vs.23), and so was I.

I always read David Wilkerson’s Newsletters and his books. There are so many preachers and authors today and back then. What do you do? I prayed about everything, the songs and what I read. I believe the Lord chose what I read. I tried some others, but there was always something to stop me.

He kept me reading David Wilkerson and CH Spurgeon and my Streams in the Desert book. It was written by L.B. Cowman, a missionary to China, who was nursing her dying husband. There was enough spiritual truth in these writings for many lifetimes.

When you are a wife and mother of 4 as I was, there is not a lot of extra time. There are duties that must be done. He allowed me to quit my job so I could stay home with my kids and that is when I started praying. Everything was so wonderful when we first got saved. We went to a great Church. We had Bible Study in our home for years. We went to see all the popular evangelists. We saw Phil Driscoll many times and were extremely blessed.

Then the trials started. And everything changed. I even had a personal prophecy that said that my nest would be emptied out, but to hold onto the victory. I felt like Job. Do we only praise Him for the good times?

I was in need of the refiner’s fire, and that is what I got. He was actually answering all of my prayers. I wanted more of Jesus. I wanted to be His bride more than anything. I wanted to learn how to refuse to fear. I wanted to defeat the enemy that took my husband and my daughter.

Now I can see He allowed the affliction to increase my hunger for Him and His way of doing things. I wanted desperately to hear His voice the way David Wilkerson heard His voice. I wanted so much more of Jesus and that is exactly what I have gotten.

If I can share what I have learned and it helps just one person to defeat his spirit of fear, then it will be worth it for me. But I believe there is much more. The Lord will build up Zion and He will appear in His glory. How wonderful to be a part of His appearing. That is my prayer!

Now is the time that Satan will be defeated and I believe I will get to be a part of that. He will answer my prayers, because He is so good and that is what He does! Thank you Jesus!



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  1. They are so cute. I see them around my town all the time. Its funny how they can stop traffic so quickly.

    You have to wait til mommy gets all her babies across the street safely.


    1. I bet you see some really special animals. Even though I love ducks, I cannot imagine seeing the great things you get to see! He uses everything for me even down to the spiders. They all show the way!


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