What am I looking for,
when I look into your heart?
I look for strength
and love to start.

How do I know you will stand,
when I come to shake
and open your eyes,
to see what is at stake?

I send the trumpet,
to blast in your ear,
to awake and shake out 
all doubt and fear!

Be thankful for what I send,
for I know your heart,
and how to mend,
every broken part.

I send the pain for your good,
so you will learn,
what is by all understood.
It is love most cannot discern.

It does not make sense to you,
but the pieces will connect,
and create a masterpiece,
that will never dissect.

Lean on Me and believe,
what you do not understand,
and when I look in your heart,
I'll see only the work of My hand!


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