I have strength for all things in Christ Who impowers me –I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him Who empowers me, that is I am self sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency. Amp.


Sufficiency – d) an ample amount or quantity of what is needed.

Paul is saying that he is ready for anything through Christ. We must read the scriptures leading up to this one to see how he got to this place. Philippians 4 has many wonderful lessons to learn.

Verse 4: Rejoice always. We usually are not always rejoicing. But if we were, we would be happy in all that we had to face. We have to focus on what we have been blessed with and what is to come.

Verse 6-8: In Amplified it says:

  1. Do not fret or have any anxiety
  2. Pray about everything
  3. Pray with thanksgiving
  4. Being content with what God gives you
  5. Fix your mind on what is pure

In verse 7 it says, then God’s peace will come upon you in such a way that it will be a guard and will protect your mind and heart. How wonderful that would be, then Satan must close his mouth. Your mind would be protected from his lies. If we can learn to resist fretting and fear, peace would flow and protect us.

Praying, being thankful, content and fixing your mind on what is pure. I know of only one that is pure. We must focus on Jesus. Not the way the world sees Jesus, but on His Spirit, His Word and His Presence, meaning worship. Filling your mind with the news and worldly entertainment is not pure. The focus is always on man.

I am not saying there are not good preachers on TV. That is for the unsaved, not for Christians to watch instead of spending that time in prayer, worship or reading. There is strength in solitude that you can get no other way.

Verse 11-12: He has learned the secret in facing all circumstances:

  1. I know how to enjoy plenty
  2. I know how to be abased and live humbly

He says in verse 12 in KJV that he was instructed both to be full and to be hungry. He did not dream this up on his own. He spent time alone with the Lord, learning His voice and receiving directions for everything he did. He learned to fast and be content. He learned to have plenty and still obey the Lord.

I spent so much time fasting when my daughter Melanie was sick, I thought I would always be on some type of fast. I was finally content and that is when the Lord said I could eat. I had the hardest time learning to abound.

I had learned to feel that I had safety in fasting. I had to ask what to eat and learn what was okay and what was not. He has been so wonderful to me. He makes the simplest dish taste the absolute best. But it took me a long time to learn. We think fasting would be the hardest, but not for me.

We have to spend time alone in His presence learning His voice. If you watch TV, you will hear other voices. There are spirits in the TV and they do speak and cause trouble. Even if you watch clean stuff, it is still the flesh and the world. It will keep you bound. We were all brought up on TV. But Jesus and Paul were not. They are our example. We need to here the Lord speak. You cannot have it both ways.

To be alone with Jesus, being still in His presence waiting for Him to speak to you is about the most wonderful place there is to be. There is no price too great to pay for such a privilege. There is so much deep satisfaction and contentment when you hear Him speak to and you know it was Him. Nothing compares.

When we learn His voice, He lets you hear His voice, your own voice and the enemies voice. That is the only way we can know the difference. His sheep know His voice. I believe that was the secret that Paul learned. He said, “He was instructed.” He learned to hear the Lord speak to him and it brought great contentment. That is what made him ready for all things.

That is our answer. When we have His presence with us and hear Him say, “This is the way, walk ye in it.” What more do we need? We can say with Paul, ” I am self sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency.” Amp. OR “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” KJV

What more do we need?



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