PSALM 147:1-3

  1. Praise the Lord! For it is good to sing praises to our God, For He is gracious and lovely; praise is becoming and appropriate.
  2. The Lord is building up Jerusalem; He is gathering together the exiles of Israel.
  3. He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds — curing their pains and their sorrows. Amp.


Praise – d) to commend the worth of; to express approval of.

Brokenhearted – d) crushed by grief or despair, heartbroken.

We are to praise the Lord in all things. Thanksgiving is the appropriate response for us when we come to Him for anything. He is the Almighty supplier of all our needs. He makes the sun shine and the rain to flow. So many things that we take for granted. What if the sun quit shining and there were no clouds in the sky to shower us with blessings?

There have been a lot of Solar Storms for the past year and they seem to be escalating in strength. There are explosions on the Sun called CME’s that shoot out particles from the Sun in all directions. If they shoot toward the earth, our magnetic field protection can be damaged.

This damage causes radiation particles to enter our atmosphere. All this happens while the sun is shining and most have no knowledge of what is happening. They say this is what caused Mars to become the desolate planet that it is today. This may be the beginning of the end.

When the reports first came in they said it was caused by “the Breath of the Sun.”

Joel 3:15 The sun and the moon are darkened, and the stars withdraw their shining.

Joel 3:16 The Lord will thunder and roar from Zion and utter His voice from Jerusalem, and the heavens and earth will shake; but the Lord will be a refuge for His people and a stronghold to the children of Israel. Amp.

The Breath of the Son of God will blow with a mighty force. Rev. 19:15 says, From His mouth goes forth a sharp sword with which He can smite the nations…

There have also been reports of a dent in the magnetic barrier that is caused by the shaking of the earth’s core. Isaiah 13:13 Therefore I will make the heavens tremble, and the earth shall be shaken out of its place at the wrath of the Lord of hosts in the day of His fierce anger.

All these occurrences are no coincidence. He is rising to shake mightily the earth. So many earthquakes and volcanoes are in the news. Can you not see that the earth’s core is shaking?

What better reason for Him to gather the outcasts of His people and to heal their broken hearts. He is coming for His bride. He has warned us.

Let us run to our only refuge and let Him show us His glory like He promises to do!


Oh Lord, it is good to praise You as ruling the stars, but it is also pleasant to adore You as the healer of broken hearts.


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