JAMES 1:2-4

2. My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations:

3. Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.

4. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.


Temptations – c) a putting to proof by experiment (of good), experience of evil: adversity.

Patience – c) cheerful or hopeful endurance, constancy — enduring — waiting.

Perfect – c) completeness

I truly believe that I have never been joyful at the onset of a trial. I try my best not to complain. If we would focus on the good like He desires us to do, we could see down the road and see all that we need to finally reach completeness.

Why do we have to suffer to become patient and complete? My Streams in the Desert Book talks about how we react to trouble. It says we first react in pain and fume about. Then we start to calm down and adjust to the situation.

We see that it is not the end of us and we take our needs to the Lord and try to leave them there. He is looking for faith in our heart. But all this takes time and we must learn to wait.

When we can come to a place that we are not complaining inside but are truly thankful, knowing we needed this trouble for our good, then we are on the way to completeness.

He will allow Satan to speak his lies to you about God’s faithfulness. He is testing us to see what we believe about Him. It is easy to believe when times are calm. He is looking for our hearts to be calm in the storm. Fair weather faith is no faith. We must learn through our experience that He is with us and will bring us through. We must put God before the trial, not the trial before God.

I have spoken about the Ladder that I use. Here it is again. It truly has helped me through many trials and everyday life.


  1. Confusion/Babylon
  2. Unthankful/Complaining
  3. Unbelief/Darkness
  4. Self Pity/Depression
  5. Discouragement/Sadness
  6. Worry


  1. Faith
  2. Praise and Worship
  3. Thankful/Positive
  4. Eyes on Jesus/Off Self and Circumstances
  5. Truth/Word of God
  6. Rest in His Love and Promise/Casting Care by Focusing on the Good
  7. Be Still/Joyful

If we focus on the good that He will bring we will not believe Satan’s lies, we will not focus on our own weakness or circumstances. He always lets my trial continue until I focus on the good. But if I look back to the first time He told me to focus on the good, I can see how much easier it is now than before. It is all about faith. And that is His requirement.


God is in every tomorrow,

therefore I live for today.

Certain of finding at sunrise,

guidance and strength for the way;

power for each moment of weakness,

hope for each moment of pain,

comfort for every sorrow,

sunshine and joy after the rain.


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