MATTHEW 7:24-25 So every one who hears these words of Mine and acts upon them — will be like a sensible (prudent, practical, wise) man who built his house upon the rock;

25. And the rain fell and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock.


Founded – d) found – to set for support; base; establish

Establish – d) to make stable; settle; to order, ordain, or appoint permanently; to set up.

These definitions tell us that we need our base or foundation to be stable and secure. The only way to be stable and secure is if we come to Jesus in faith, believing all that He says and that we do our best everyday to obey His words and keep His commands. Then He will establish us, making us stable and keeping us in the palm of His gentle hand.

We are being perfected by the Holy Spirit in His way and timing. We will always have battles until He comes. We will have those days when we just cannot get it right. But if we keep bringing Him all our failures and problems, He will take them and make them into something beautiful. It is when we hold onto these things and try to fix them on our own that gets us into trouble, — the trouble of SELF!

Pride says,” I’ve been given enough wisdom to take care of myself.” That is a lie from the enemy. Hidden sin will fester and cause a division between the soul and God. Yes we all sin. But it is what we do afterwards that determines our fate. The storm will come into every life eventually. If you are based on SELF and Pride tells you , “It’s OK, You’ve got this one. This time will be like every other time. I always end up OK!”

The scripture does not lie. If our soul is not based on Jesus, If we treat His sacrifice on the cross as insignificant and of no importance we shall fall away forever and ever. We are not promised tomorrow. Our breath is a gift from God. He can take it away whenever He pleases. Our days are numbered. When the number is up, it is up. No more chances. No more fun and games. Heaven or Hell. Which will it be?


A Christian can die, but he cannot deny the truth. Now it is a rule of nature, the inward affects the outward. It is said the food of certain worms colors the cocoons of the silk which they spin; and just so the nutriment upon which a man’s inward nature lives gives a tinge to every word and deed proceeding from him. To walk in truth, imparts a life of integrity, holiness, faithfulness, and simplicity.



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