But they were written for our sakes too. Righteousness, standing acceptable to God will be granted and accredited to us also who believe — trust in adhere to and rely on — God who raised Jesus our Lord from the dead.


Trust — d) firm belief in the honesty, reliability, etc. of some person or thing.

Adhere — d) to stick fast, become attached, to give allegiance or support to.

Rely — d) to trust; depend; have confidence (with, on or upon).

When the scriptures says to believe, it means more than to believe in the existence of something. We must believe that the Lord is good and will always keep His word to us. That He is who He says He is and cannot lie. We must rely on Him and allow Him to be our refuge as we become attached to Him.

We must be like Abraham and not have our spiritual eyes on our problems but on the largeness of His great power, that is when it becomes our righteousness. It is like the little boy who says “My Daddy can beat up your Daddy!” He has true faith in the strength and power of His Daddy. Sometimes we can get so caught up in our own messes that we forget How mighty and strong Our Spiritual Daddy is.

The most important thing He wants for me Is to be at rest, which is about the hardest thing for me to do. There are three things I have to focus on continually, They are:

  • To get my eyes off the circumstances
  • To get my eyes off my own weakness
  • To not believe the lies of the enemy

If I stay focused on the good that He promises to bring out of every situation in my life, staying thankful and positive without complaining then I am on my way to victory, peace and joy.


Faith in God is the great reliever of life’s cares, and he who possesses it lives in an atmosphere of grace surrounded by a bodyguard of mercies.



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