PSALM 32:7

7. You are a hiding place for me; You, Lord, preserve me from trouble; You surround me with songs and shouts of deliverance. Selah!

The Lord’s ways are so special. He makes everything beautiful. To be delivered from something harmful is not a pretty thing. But He can make it exciting and fun.

I remember years ago; Gary and I went to a meeting with a couple who were Pentecostal Missionaries. It was when we first got saved. We learned so much from them. The Chappel’s were their names.

Brother Chappel had a “Holy Laughter” gift. We did not know anything about it. At the end of the meeting, he prayed on me first and then Gary. He whispered in my ear “Take her back to where her insecurity started.” And I fell back slain in the spirit and started laughing. I laughed so hard and then I stopped.

Then I heard Gary, next to me start laughing as he fell back, slain in the spirit. That made me start laughing again. That went on for an hour. It was so much fun. We laughed so much and all the while the Lord was healing us from past insecurities and wounds.

We went to more of their meetings when they came to town and invited our friends, and they were healed also as they laughed all night long. I have heard some talk about Holy Laughter in the negative. But I know for a fact firsthand that it worked for me and those around me.

I am sure there may be some fakes out there. But what we experienced was the love of God preparing us for a life with Him and it was wonderful.

There are times in praise and worship that we should let go and shout with a voice of triumph and see how it spreads. You get out of it just what you put into it. If you sit back and do nothing that is what you will get. But if you shout and clap and dance you will get happy and delivered. You always reap what you sew.


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