Rest in My love.
No harm can come,
into your life,
when we are One.

With thanksgiving come!
See all I've given.
Thank Me for all to come.
More and more you'll be given!

This is My day.
So, rejoice in My fullness.
Let Me shine through,
your heart of joyfulness.

So much good I'll do,
in a heart of faith and hope,
believing all I say to you,
never to look down and mope!

I'll whoosh away the clouds,
and blue and sun will shine!
I'll do it for you and not the crowds.
With eyes on Me, rise and be Mine!



2 thoughts

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Wenda🍁🍽🦃
    I am thank-full for you, Sis! Your poems bring a sense of renewed joy in the Lord each time I read them, knowing that God had once again, been faithful to fill you with such beautiful words, and that He continues to do so…day after day💕💕


    1. And a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I hope they are better. How does Allie like School. Is she Okay?
      You have ears to hear the Lord’s Words. He amazes me every day. I do not know how He does it. Each poem is a surprise to me! Your words are so special to me! 🤗🤗🤗


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