Do we see His Majesty,
when we pray?
Do we feel His heartbeat,
when we stop and say...

Your greatness abounds,
in every flower,
in the beauty of the small,
and tiny, delicate power.

Why does He create beauty,
and then gives it to man?
Do they cherish,
or trample because they can?

Every tiny life is precious to Him.
Why then terminate before term?
Never having a chance to live,
breathe, walk or learn.

Their tiny spirit will rise to Him,
Who will never cast out,
but receive as His own.
And have their chance to Shout!

A Servant
Psalm 139:13
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

2 thoughts

  1. I hear your agony concerning this abomination may God answer this prayer.
    I am following whats going on in your courts concerning laws of abortion.
    The fact that the issue is being fought untill it means we still have the remnant in the corridors of power.
    May they not grow weary especially those in Judiciary .


    1. Well could you keep me updated if anything important happens? It seems every time they try, they fail. I believe there is too much idolatry in this land for the Lord to let it be turned around.
      Maybe I sound negative, but David Wilkerson wrote 2 books on the subject and was always warning of judgment and he, I know was in tune with the Lord.
      I am thankful to share this with you. I consider it a privilege. I have not shared it with anyone but Cheryl and Malina my daughter. Thank you for listening.


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