Hear My heart and how it beats.
It beats for the fatherless, the widow,
the hurting, the broken,
those full of sorrow.

I love to fix the broken,
putting a smile on a sad face,
releasing the prisoner,
then watch him win a race.

I thrive on the impossible,
creating the incredible,
making simple wonders,
remarkably beautiful!

It is time for joy to abound.
Look into heaven's door.
Rejoice with the angels,
singing the new song evermore!

This is My Day
I have made!
It is good and real!
See all evil fade!

Be ready to see Me!
Time to celebrate the new!
Put on your celestial garments,
For I Am coming to see You!


2 thoughts

    1. We are special to Him in our suffering. He loves us in a special way. He is always showing me how special you are to Him. He really does love you in a special way, I have felt it! You are blessed!


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