What do you see,
when you look up?
Can you see Me,
or just the evil and corrupt?

Eyes of faith,
as the grain of a mustard of seed, 
to move the mountains,
is what you need.

I Am right here.
So, receive into your heart,
My great faith and power,
to break the mountain apart.

Then you can arise,
possess the land,
defeating the enemy,
as you reach out your hand.

I will restore the years,
when I send the rain,
wiping away tears,
sending juice, oil and grain.

My Spirit will flow,
upon all flesh,
And you will see Me,
in all I refresh.

Signs will be clear.
Sun and moon darkened.
Many hearts will fear.
Unto Me, time to hearken.

You must keep your eyes on Me.
For on Mt. Zion there will be,
those who escape and repent,
My very special remnant!

Joel 2:25-32

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