Now is the time.
My wind is blowing.
Can you sense My heart?
My blessings are flowing.

The wicked will tremble.
My shaking they will feel.
Hearts are going to melt.
My eyes melting the steel.

Over and over I say,
be ready, soon I will come.
Oh, how I have waited for this day!
My good will pour and then some!

It is time to rise up.
Possess the land.
The enemy will flee.
The work of My hand.

Listen, can you hear,
the trumpet sound?
Be ready to stand before Me.
Disaster looms all around.

See what is coming!
All the signs are clear.
My power is unleashing,
revealing who are near.

Will you come with Me?
And share with Me,
rule and reign with Me,
all I've prepared for thee.


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