Down in your heart,
is My place of rest.
I come to you,
and I get blessed.

I write to you,
My letters of love,
pouring out My heart,
sharing My life from above.

Can you see how I have waited
so long for this day?
For I Am to be wed
to My heart's desire eternally!

Resting is the only way,
to get the victory you need.
So, trust in Me today,
and to you My Spirit will speed.

The enemy is always at work,
doing what he can,
bringing about pain and hurt,
but he cannot stop My plan.

For soon I will look,
into your eyes.
And you will be changed,
and will finally realize.

Though the earth shall 
shake, totter and fall,
My bride will be at rest,
in the midst of it all.

It is My heart's desire to see
pain, fear and sin flee.
My peace and joy will be
reigning gloriously full and free!

The books will be opened.
The truth will be known,
as I reveal to all,
who are Forever My Own.


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