If you could change things,
what would you do?
Would you come to My springs,
and drink until brand-new?

Would you ask for beauty,
shining from above,
laced with My goodness,
expelling My great love?

Would you ask for wisdom,
searching for every answer,
to every problem,
leaving you the enhancer?

Maybe you would seek
the simple life,
just being content,
to live without strife.

The wisest of souls,
would ask for My riches,
that pours out forgiveness,
leaving behind fearlessness.

What is of most value to you?
Soon, this life will end.
Will you stand before Me,
and hear Me ask who shall I send?

Here I Am, ready to pour out,
My riches that will heal and restore,
to any servant who will give up their
desires for this life thus receiving more.

Above all is needed,
faith and trust in Me.
Will I find faith in you?
For the Greatest Gift is Free!

I Cor. 13:13  

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