I see down deep,
in so many hearts.
Their desire for Me
is great and not just a part.

To be whole,
To be free,
To be strong,
To be so happy!

Then I see the tears,
the heartache, the pain.
I see through the years,
the hurts that remain.

It is My will,
to make you whole,
and not do without
My healing of the soul.

To you I give,
this gift from Me.
The gift of unity,
harmoniously free.

My people with one voice,
will sing aloud My praise,
and greatly rejoice,
as My banner they raise.

Will you lift up your voices,
dancing before Me,
letting Me make the choices,
as I pour My Spirit on thee?

Lift up your eyes,
as your Redemption draws nigh,
and with one voice sing My song,
and to Me Eternally Belong.

Romans 15:5-6

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