All that I Am,
I will give to a soul,
that gives their all,
when they hear My call.

When I come to dwell,
I bring it all with Me.
If you could only know,
what I would give to thee!

You would have more
of Me to live on,
songs to sing that chase
away every angry demon.

My songs deliver,
when others bind.
My songs are pure,
when others are unkind.

I dwell in My song.
As you look upon Me,
I'll remove bit by bit,
the hurt, the pain, the unfriendly.

My songs are about the sky,
where I Am, lifted up high,
about the sun, moon and stars,
drawing you, breaking the bars.

Then in your soul will dwell,
My comfort and peace,
My presence, love and power.
Upon you My floodgates will shower.

My Songs of Deliverance
change and heal and make you see.
They wrap you in My love
and beauty and deliver you to Me!


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