There is power in words,
whether good or bad,
selfish or sad,
Mine or yours.

They can settle within
the soul for good,
or bring harm to others,
not caring if they should.

There is power in the tongue.
It can send sweet love,
with its healing stream
of sun beams from above.

It can curse a soul,
cutting down deep,
leaving painful memories,
for eyes to forever weep.

I give all men this power,
to bless or to curse.
But they see not the pain,
left for Me to nurse.

Yet it is My will to bless,
with Words of Light,
leaving courage and strength,
and the will to fight.

One day judgment will come,
on every word spoken.
I keep good records,
and mercy on the broken.

It is not too late,
to give to Me
that unkind member
and be set Free.

Matthew 12:36-37

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