I know what you need.
I am always near,
right by your side,
as I wipe every tear.

You always ask Me to lead the way,
never choosing the wrong.
But there are times the path gets dark,
for your own good, to make you strong.

One day I will show you,
the reason for every turn,
that brought you pain,
for what you needed to learn.

For I am the Potter,
you are the clay,
enduring the painful wheel,
and drinking My cup everyday.

So look up and see,
the beauty of My plan,
as I create in you,
a crown of Glory and Honor in My Hand!

Isaiah 62:3

5 thoughts

      1. Hallelujah that’s what happens when you begin to mature in the spirit. Isnt it what the bible say thay …out of your belly shall flow rivers of living waters?
        God is good!


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