I look down from My throne
and see all My creation
seeking hearts fully grown,
filling Me with elation.

But few they are, as I look and see,
a hunger to know the One Who made them,
loving others more than Me,
loving this world and loving their sin.

I see many filled with cancer,
crying and hurting without a clue
that I am their answer,
Who would gladly see them through.

I see the broken and abused,
in need of wholeness and love,
but walking around confused,
in darkness not from above.

I see the rich and empty,
putting on a good show,
lying to themselves and everyone,
afraid to admit their riches bring them low.

Then I look inside My Church,
expecting to see My victory,
But lo, what do I see?
I see cancer, the broken, the rich and empty.

A sea of misery everywhere,
in need of a Savior to heal and love.
If only they knew how much I care,
healing would flow from above!

I am coming soon.
All will see 
who you love.
Let it be Me!


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