Psalm 68:8-10  The earth trembled, the heavens also poured down rain at the presence of God:  yonder Sinai quaked at the presence of the God of Israel.

9.  You, O God did send a plentiful rain, You did restore and confirm Your heritage when it languished and was weary. 

10.  Your flock found a dwelling place in it; You, O God in Your goodness did provide for the poor and needy. Amp.

Psalm 68 begins with the Lord scattering His enemies.  He came down to deliver Israel from the Pharaoh in Egypt and the presence of God affected the earth as well. 

In Psalm 18 He does the same thing for David.  It says the earth quaked and rocked because He was angry. Smoke came out of His nostrils and lightning out of His mouth. In verse 9 says He bowed the heavens also, and came down.  This is what the presence of God accomplished.

He came down to deliver David from his strong enemy that was overwhelming to him.  He delivered him because He delighted in him.  He did the same thing for Israel and marched through the wilderness protecting and providing for them.  This is His nature for His own.

Revelation 6 warns of the Seven Seals:

  1.  White Horse —  To Conquer – Anti Christ Deceives
  2.   Red Horse —  Takes Away Peace / Sword (Islam) / Fear(Covid)
  3.   Black Horse — Balance / Famine (Spiritual and Physical)
  4.   Pale Horse —  Kills 1/4 Earth (Famine, Disease, Wild Beasts)
  5.   Souls of Martyrs   —  Told to Rest and Wait
  6.   Great Earthquake  –  Sun / Black,  Moon / Blood,  Stars / Fall,  Sky / Vanishes
  7.   Silence in Heaven  —  Who Shall Stand?

We already have reports of increasing earthquake and volcanic activity.  Islamic attacks have been in the news for many years.  The western US has been experiencing unprecedented drought conditions for the past year. If a great famine hits, what will the hungry animals do but become desperate and dangerous? How many new Viral, Strep and Staff diseases are on the rise. Also many Solar Storms are in the sky shooting out particles from the sun.

This is all waiting for the Lord to open each seal.  I believe He has opened 1 and 2. That would mean we are on the brink of a great famine.  Rev.6:6 says, “…do not harm the oil and the wine!”

The oil is always a symbol of the Holy Spirit.  I  believe the wine is a symbol of the blood of Jesus (Matt. 26:27-29).  This means not to touch those who are filled with the Holy Spirit and covered in the Blood of Jesus.  God will always protect His own, just as in the days of David and the Israelites leaving Egypt.

The earth will tremble and shake because He is coming down.  We must be sure that we are filled with His Spirit and all of our sins are covered in the Blood of Jesus.  

When the Lord’s glory passed by Moses, He put him in the cleft of the rock and that rock was Jesus.  He said for no man shall see Me and live.  Jesus is our only protection. Ex. 33:20

Revelation 6:16-17 …Fall on us , and hide us from the Face of Him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: 

17.  For the great day of His wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?

Psalm 68 is about pouring down the plentiful rain which is Jesus.  We will see a great and final outpouring of His Spirit that will be enough to see us through till the end.  Let us open our hearts to receive His Mighty Plentiful Rain!




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