I said, "Seek Me in the night,
seek Me in the day, seek Me in the Light.
Look for Me everywhere,
and I will be there."

"It is always My desire to draw near
to hearts full of faith;
and even to those that are not
with My love that will never stop."

"I will always seek you in the day
of your joy and the night of your trouble.
Why would you love another,
When only My love is unstoppable?"

"My love is greater than all gifts.
It is the only answer for sin and pain.
Then one day, I will have My desire
and see your soul, blameless and without stain."


3 thoughts

  1. Hey sis. How are you? I am so glad that He never stops.

    I am well. Been busy with work these days. I have been praying for a work at home career for over at least a year or so.

    And when Covid hit it made me pray and search even harder for I did not want to go back in the office.

    God knew how I felt. I had so much anxiety about that I was scared of going into any office setting.

    The Lord answered my prayers. I work from home now. I understand that everyone is not vaccinated and we all have a choice.

    I am fully vaccinated and I still am very cautious and wear my mask. I do not allow people to get near me. And plus in offices they are not going to wash and sterilized everything.

    That’s what I have been up to and grateful to be working from home.

    Have a great day sis.


    1. I am so glad you get to stay home and work. That is truly a blessing. You know how much He loves you. He wants you and I to be at rest. He keeps reminding me that He will make all things work for my good so keep my eyes on the good. It is hard at times, but that is His Word. I have to pray Psalm 34:4 and Ps.121:7 all the time. He has delivered me from so many fears but I know He is not done. I have gotten to stay at home for years, My job now is to pray and sing and be with Him. I don’t go out much and I like it that way. I will pray for your work at home and the anxiety. He will take care of it all. He is good that way, don’t we know? How are the Grandkids doing? I love you sweet Desi!


      1. God knew how I would be uncomfortable in an office building so He bless me to be home.

        The grand kids are doing very well
        They are enjoying school. Thanks for asking sis.

        Blessings and 🫂 🤗 to you.


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