I know the pain you feel everyday.
There is no need for you to ever go away.
My love will never let you go,
As it melts away the years you have known.

I will share My heart with you,
if you will be still enough to hear.
For I am looking down
to see when there is no fear.

You will never be the same,
after My thoughts become yours.
We two will be entwined
with love, as you become Eternally Mine.


2 thoughts

  1. I truly love this, I need these scriptures and sayings so much. I miss the songs that you share, they truly are a blessing to me, God speaks to me through them along with the Word. I always look forward to your messages every day. Please don’t stop sharing.


    1. I love it, too. He ministers to me first before I can share it with others. Yes He does speak through the songs and the Word. You have ears to hear. I thank you for the sweet comment! You are so special to me!


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