PSALM 68:19-20 Blessed be the Lord, Who bears our burdens and carries us day by day, even the God Who is our salvation! Selah! 20. God is a God to us of deliverances and salvation, and to God, the Lord, belongs escape from death (setting us free). Amp.

The King James version says “Who daily loaded us with benefits” instead of “Who bears our burdens and carries us by day.” I wrote this post before 12:00 and was getting ready to publish it when it was wiped out. I have no clue as to what happened. All I know is I worked real hard and then it was gone. So I just sat down and cried.

The Lord showed me that it was not about me. Even if there is only one person who would benefit from these words, I am accountable to say them. I have had a 126 day streak going that now goes back to 0. But that does not really matter.

My post was about all the good things He has done for us. Psalm 103:1-5 tells us to bless the Lord with all that is within us and goes on to say all that He gives us. There is never any reason not to bless the Lord. He allows trials in our life so we can grow. He always is looking for new ways to bless His own.

We have been given a commandment to Praise Him and should make it a daily practice to stand before Him in our homes. All that know you should know this is your time to sing and should not try to get in the way. We need His presence more at this hour. There is power in Praise and Worship.

Especially in the hard times, when we sing we will get deeply blessed. The Spirit will do a work in your heart making more room for the love and joy that you greatly need.

Psalm 149:5 Let the saints be joyful in the glory and beauty which God confers upon them; let them sing for joy upon their beds. AMP.

Now I am going to go and bless the Lord before I go to sleep. It is my most wonderful reason to be a widow. I get to sing as long as I want and am so blessed.

This is not what I had written in the other post but I guess this is what the Lord wanted. So I will focus on the good knowing He knew this was going to happen and will make it work for my good. Selah!



5 thoughts

  1. Sober word.I love to connect with your generation because there is so much wisdom that’s im always here.
    I have a question that i want you to pray about and respomd .Why is it there is a huge gap between the generation coming and the previous generation in terms of loving God.Why is it difficult to pass this zeal for God to the current generation. I read about God’s generals in America,they built that country on the principles of God and right now the bible is almost out of the government institutions.
    What should we do so that this generation will not perish?


    1. It is so sad to see how this country has deteriorated. I believe it began when they legalized abortion. There is never any reason to kill an unborn child. Like you said “2 wrongs don’t make a right.” Then they took prayer out of the public schools. We had to home school. Then they took down the 10 Commandments from the Court Rooms. We can blame it on the government. But what does the Word of God say? 11Chron.7:14 “If My people, which are called by My name shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and will heal their land.”
      The Lord holds His people accountable. The biggest sin of the modern Church is the same as Israel’s sin. It is Idolatry. And it has only gotten worse. David Wilkerson was the only preacher I heard who spoke out against all these things, I am sure there are others. You can preach all day to the younger generation, but the Lord has closed their ears. He is waiting for the Church to repent. The media is more a part of their lives than Jesus Is. They love their toys and speak about them in their sermons causing the sheep to believe it is okay. I know what the Lord does not allow me to do and I cannot listen to a preacher who does the things that are wrong for me. So I wait for His judgment. There is always a small believing remnant as in the days of Daniel. I believe you are a part of that remnant. Your hunger is precious to me.
      I would recommend some of David Wilkerson’s Books; — “The Cross and the Switchblade” (It tells how he began Teen Challenge) Just start there. I could write more, but it is time to stop!


      1. Thank you so much for honoring and taking to time to respond.
        I could almost hear your heart bit as i was reading.
        Indeed the remnant is there.
        Will check out this book.
        Thank you once again!


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