ISAIAH 28:5 But in that future Messianic day the Lord of Hosts shall become a crown of glory and a diadem of beauty to the converted remnant of His people;


Crown – c) to encircle (for attack or protection)

Diadem – c) a crown (as encircling the head), also a turn of affairs.

The last days will be a time of recompense, Romans 2:6 For He will render to every man according to his works — justly, as his deeds deserve:

7. To those who by patient persistence in well doing (springing from piety) seek for unseen but sure glory and honor and the eternal blessedness of immortality, He will give eternal life.

8. But for those who are self-seeking and self-willed and disobedient to the Truth but responsive to wickedness, there will be indignation and wrath. Amp.

There will be a significant difference from God’s blessed last days remnant. As there will be a great outpouring of His Spirit in the last days, It will fall first on His chosen remnant who have been alone with Him seeking His Face and having sweet communion with Him.

The Holy Spirit fell in the upper room first. The disciples had been seeking the Lord in prayer. They received the tongues of fire and then preached to the crowd. So there will be a latter rain that prepares the fields for the final harvest. It will be clear who receive this outpouring of glory and who receive His wrath.

There are many in the Church today who seem to belong to the Lord and have works that look good on the outside. Matthew 7:20 Therefore you will fully know them by their fruits. 21. Not everyone who says to Me, Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father.

He is saying that many will have numbers but do the numbers belong to Him? Is the fruit healthy or diseased? The only fruit that matters is the fruit of the Spirit. When He looks upon us, He is looking at who or what we are becoming. No one stands still. Either you go forward in holiness or you go backward in decay.

There are many shepherds and many churches today. If the shepherds follow their own fleshly, selfish desires, their numbers will do the same. Their blood will be on their hands. And as Matt. 7:24-27 says, when the rain, wind and floods come, only the house that is built on the rock of obedience to Christ will survive.

Zechariah 9:16 And the Lord their God will save them on that day as the flock of His people, for they shall be as the precious jewels of a crown, lifted high over and shining glitteringly upon His land. 17. For how great is God’s goodness and how great is His beauty! And how great He will make Israel’s goodliness and Israel’s beauty…

The beauty of the Lord is nothing like the fleshly beauty that is of this world. There is a beauty in His holiness that nothing can surpass. When He pours out His goodness and beauty into His people they will shine like no others have ever done.

This belongs to the last days remnant and army who are of a different breed. They have waited a very long time and will be rewarded with a new thing. Something we can not fathom is coming. Help us to be a part of this wonderful outpouring. Thank You Jesus!


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    1. I believe it too! Thank you for all your comments. I really do appreciate them. There is always so much going on on the comments section of your posts that it is hard for me to know just what to say. Sorry! You have had some great posts. I have truly been blessed by them.


      1. Hahahah its alright .Eversince i started blogging about six months ago i have bloggers that i i have placed notifications because i’m interested with what they are offering and you are one of them, so i always read and contribute to keep them going at least for my benefit LOL.Im also attracted by characters who are consistent and are not really moved by whether people have commented or not.And you dont compromise on your posts.


      2. Okay, I think. I don’t think I get what you mean about “characters.” Some of the long comments you get, I would not handle as nicely as you. I think sometimes you are too nice. I am thinking like a mom. I would try to protect you from harmful distractions. Is that wrong of me? I had 4 girls. James is my spiritual son and he is still in jail. So I guess I need another one!


      3. Wow thats so caring of you,I appreciate.At first i almost wanted to be strict but I sensed the HolySpirit saying do not not judge but pray for people interacting with you.He reminded me of why i am here on this platform.I repented and i’m praying for many souls to be won through my space.Actually i have dedicated it the Lord.So pray for me for wisdom,i believe many will be saved through my blog.Here is my revelation if the devil can use his agents to sway people from God what more of us


      4. I think the last part of your sentence was cut off but I believe you are saying ” but what more can God do?” That is perfectly true. I do nothing without Prayer. He gave me these scriptures: Ps. 18:20 and Ps. 69:34-36 I know I have many spiritual children, but just like Abraham, I might not see them on this earth, but that is okay. It is just that I have been in battle with the devil and learned his moves and when I see him busy with someone I am praying for, It upsets me, sorry.


      5. Oooh great i really understand you.What im trying to say in short is i am more effective in reaching out, so im not really disturbed by different characters because i am aware that I’m not reaching out to saved people only some people i meet both physically and through social media are really troubled.
        But i believe God equips us for those people we should not be afraid of them if they manifest we keep them in our presence believing that one of our messages will change them.
        We dont change people but the Word changes people. So if i drive them away physically i would have failed…but unless God drives them away or they go on their own because of our prayers and preaching….I hope to be used by God to save some of them


      6. I hear you also. But I know how the Lord has dealt with me. I always had a problem encouraging people that He did not want me to encourage. I still do. The scripture that backs this up is (you may all ready know) 2 John 9-11. I read it in Amp. But recently I bought a Message Bible because of some Phil Driscoll’s songs that I have been so blessed with. 2 John 10-11 in MSG says, “If anyone shows up who doesn’t hold to this teaching, don’t invite him in and give him run of the place. That would just give him a platform to perpetuate his evil ways, making you his partner.” I do not have the answer but I am saying be very careful!


      7. I get you loud and clear. In other words you are teaching me to be wise that, iwill always remember.Know that for sure this discussion was not in vain i have some take homes from it.

        One thing im learning people are really different. Some of the comments they really surprise me i never knew we have people like that in the world.But im learning a lot

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