PSALM 138:3

In the day when I cried Thou answered me, and strengthened me with strength in my soul.

We all have times when the pains of life cause us to cry out for help. The only cry that will bring strength to our soul is the cry to our Heavenly Father. There are so many people searching for the answer to their heart’s desire and end up with a broken heart instead of the love of their life.

What is the answer to finding Mr. or Miss Right? When God created us He did it with order. His way is always right. People grow impatient and want what they want right now. That is the way to failure. If we follow His plan, we will be abundantly supplied with blessings of a good life. Jesus died so we could have life and have it abundantly. So why is there so much divorce, broken families and broken hearts? What does the Bible say?

Colossians 1:18 He also is the Head of (His) body, the church: seeing He is the Beginning, the First-born from among the dead, so that He alone in everything and in every respect might occupy the chief place — stand first and be pre-eminent. Amp.

The Lord is supposed to have first place in our heart. That is His perfect order. When we put ourselves, our family, our career, or our desires before Him things will not work. They are out of order. When we give Him the first place in our hearts and lives, it will work beautifully. We must love Him first. He is worthy of all our love.

When we put Him first then we can receive the love that our soul aches for. We were created to fear, worship and obey Him. Ecclesiastes 12:13

When we do not put Him first, our soul continues to ache for the love that only He can give, although we search for it in frail humanity. God’s love is not that easy to find even in the Church.

2 Peter 1:4-7 tells how the Christian virtues are acquired and in what order they come. Christian love is the last one to come into our victory. And that is the love everyone is searching for from a mate. But if we love the Lord with all of our imperfect hearts, He will come and satisfy our souls with His wonderful love and presence.

Only then will we be able to love our family in an unselfish way. We will not put impossible burdens upon them to make us happy. It won’t be about us anymore. It will be about them because we get what we need from God and are complete in Him. That is His order.

The Love Chapter in 1Cor. 13 has so many things in it that we are not capable of doing until we come to that place of growth in 2Peter 1:4-7. I have been saved a long time and still cannot pay no attention to a suffered wrong. (vs. 5) I try and fail over and over.

1 Corinthians 7:32 My desire is to have you free from all anxiety and distressing care. The unmarried (man) is anxious about the things of the Lord, and how he may please the Lord; 33. But the married man is anxious about worldly matters, how he may please his wife.

Paul is unmarried and is saying that is where the blessing lies. I know the blessings that come to me because I am a widow. So many have judged me because they believe I have been cursed. They do not know the joy that I have. Verse 40 says, a widow is happier (more blessed and to be envied) if she does not remarry.

I am not saying that it is an easy road. I have to rely on Jesus to be my handyman. And it is usually my hands he uses to fix things. I have done the impossible with Him at my side and was blessed, but it was not easy. But what can I expect from my Beautiful Bridegroom?

  1. He will never leave me
  2. He will never be unfaithful to me
  3. He loves me when I am unlovable and at my worst
  4. He is extremely patient with me
  5. He never gives up on me
  6. He is never harsh or demanding
  7. He never lies to me
  8. He never gets mad at me
  9. He is always there when I call
  10. His love will never end

There is no person on this earth that can love me the way He loves me. Why would I spend a moment away from the most wonderful gift the Father has given to me?


5 thoughts

  1. Good word!Indeed we need to love God and give him first place in our hearts.
    I had someone defining sin as the process of trying to accomplish something without God and i said wow this is very powerful.

    I admire you because when people go through your situation or loosing parents, thats when they turn their heart from God justifying that God was not supposed to allow that situation to happen to them.

    I don’t know you personally but through reading and interaction with i can tell that your words have presence…i mean they have weight they are not empty.

    Be encouraged daughter of Zion.You are sowing good seeds harvest time is coming be ready….God is not man that he should lie .
    You will reap!


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