JAMES 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. KJV


Gift – c) a giving, have power, bestow, bring forth.

Perfect – c) growth, moral character, completeness.

Variableness – c) fickleness.

Variable – d) apt to change or vary; changeable, inconstant, etc.

Fickle – d) changeable or unstable in affection, interest, etc. inconstant.


C – Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance

D – Webster’s Dictionary

James is telling us to be on our guard against sin in many forms. He tells us to be joyful in our trials which may be one of the hardest things to accomplish. We must ask without wavering or any doubt. We are to be humble and to glory in the true riches, We are to be patient in our trials and stand the test so we can receive the victor’s crown.

We are never to tempt God or blame Him for allowing too much pain or hard stuff in our life. I know I have done that one and still do at times, “Forgive Me Lord!” I believe that is what this scripture is about. How many fickle people have you known and dealt with? I have had more than my share. I have had more than my share of broken hearts so to me it is a normal reaction to protect yourself from more of the same.

God’s perfect gift to us is Eternal Life by forgiving us of all our sins through the blood of His perfect Son, Jesus. His love for us is so strong that He gives us all that we need. There is no need too great or difficult that He cannot supply us with. The problem is never with Him but with our own asking.

There is so much abuse in the world today. There are so many tragic stories where there use to be only a few. Therefore bitterness is a common thing. This should not be. Many cannot trust in the Father’s love because they have never experienced the love of an earthly father. What is the answer? He knows what we need and is always working behind the scenes in our behalf.

We know that the Father is constant and unchanging, the same yesterday, today and forever. He cannot ever be fickle or unfaithful. How beautiful and wonderful that is when you live in a world where all around us there is a fickle generation.

He has a wonderful plan for each of us. He loves to shower us with the wonderful gifts of His so gentle unconditional love right at the time when we are falling apart and think we deserve His wrath. He knows how to take all of your pain and mold it into a perfect blossom of joy that will change everything from ashes to beauty. Isaiah 61:3

James goes on to say we are to be rooted in the Word and be doers and not merely listeners so we will be blessed. And of course we are to bridle our tongue. Things must change. He hears every word that we say and we are accountable.

The last scripture is, I believe one of the most overlooked in the Bible.

James 1:27 External religious worship (religion as it is expressed in outward acts) that is pure and unblemished in the sight of God the Father is this: to visit and help and care for the orphans and widows in their affliction and need and to keep oneself unspotted and uncontaminated from the world.

My husband died in 2002. It is amazing to me, the attacks I suffered as soon as He died. It was like now I was open game. I even brought up this scripture to one so called believer who had no remembrance of it. So many things could have been done for me that were never done. But when you do without certain things, the Father is always taking notes.

We must be aware of all the good gifts we have received and focus on what we have and not what we have lost. That is what Jesus would do!


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