ESTHER 9-25 But when Esther brought the matter before the king, he commanded in writing that Haman’s wicked scheme which he had devised against the Jews should return upon his own head, and that he and his sons should be hanged on the gallows. Amp.


Babylon – c) confusion, to mix, fodder (food for goats or cattle not sheep)

Media – d) Medium

Medium – d) one through whom communications are sent from the spirits of the dead.

Chaldeans – c) Magian or professional astrologers.

The Jews had been taken captive by Babylon when they came into Israel and burned the temple and took over the city. Jeremiah warned for at least 20 years that this was coming, but most did not heed the warning. They had fallen from God and served the idols of the other nations.

Elam – c) Persia – son of Shem, hidden, distant, a ruin, bow down – make crooked, commit iniquity, pervert, do wrong.

The king of Babylon was eventually taken over by Media-Persia. That is where Esther, Nehemiah, and Ezra were living. This all has significant meaning for us. It is written for an example for us for our instruction. (1Cor.10:11)

The people of Media-Persia are the Chaldeans. They studied the “stars” professionally. What stars of today are studied through the Media? Elam was a province in Persia and became Media. God sent Israel to Babylon because of their sin.

I believe that He knew all along that once they had to live around so much evil, that their hearts would yearn for Jehovah and their homeland. He promised to bring them back when they sought Him with all their heart. Jer. 29:11-14.

I believe Esther is a perfect example of what the Lord wants us to be. Est. 5:1-7 tells how to come before the Lord. She went on a very hard fast, no food or water for three days. She then put on her royal robes and stood in the royal or inner court opposite the king’s throne.

Today we have the blood of Jesus. But we still must put on our holy garments and stand in the inner court before the Lord. She obtained favor in the king’s sight and he gave her her request. So too we must come with holy reverence and the fear of the Lord and He will answer our requests if we obtain His favor.

What is the difference between Babylon and Media-Persia? They both wanted the Jews to bow down before their idols or to Haman. They would not bow and that got them into trouble. If you bow, Satan will leave you alone. But if you don’t, he will throw you into the furnace. But Jesus will be with you, and that is all you need.

To bow means to bend. If we bow to the compromises of this world, are we not bending our knee in submission to the spirit of this world? There is no coincidence that the word Media means sin and bow down. This is a warning for those who have ears to hear.

The Lord is coming back and will have a spotless bride who will put on her royal robes and have granted to her what she requests. There will be a battle just like in Esther’s day. And then the Lord will put a crown upon His new Queen and they shall reign forever. What a glorious day in which we have been privileged to live.


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