SONG OF SOLOMON 8:10-13 …Then was I in the King’s eyes as one to be respected and to be allowed to find peace. 11. Solomon had a vineyard at Baalhamon; he let out the vineyard to keepers; everyone for the fruit of it was to bring him a thousand pieces of silver. 12. You, O Solomon. can have your thousand, and those who tend the fruit of it two hundred; but my vineyard, which is mine (with all its radiant joy) is before me! 13. O You Who dwell in the gardens, Your companions have been listening to Your voice; now cause me to hear it. AMP.


Peace -c) safe, well, happy, prosperity, rest, favor, quietness, health, welfare.

Isaiah 32:17-19 And the effect of righteousness shall be peace (internal and external), and the result of righteousness, quietness and confident trust forever. 18. My people shall dwell in a peaceable habitation, in safe dwellings and quiet resting places. 19. But the Wrath of the Lord, it shall hail…Amp.

I believe The Song of Solomon is a love story of Christ and His bride. She has been in the wilderness of trials and sifting. But now she comes up from the wilderness leaning on her Beloved. S. of S. 8:5. The trials have taught her the difference of depending on an arm of flesh and depending on the Lord. Now she has become the garden of the Lord with the fruit of the Spirit, especially peace.

If we have His peace, look at what all we will have. His peace opens the door for his rest. When we are at rest, we can be still enough to hear Him speak to the quiet places of our heart. He has always been speaking, she just could not hear Him.

Now, she is filled with the fruit of the Spirit and is a favorite place for the Lord to dwell (His Favor). This is a safe place and comes at the right time. The wrath of the Lord is being poured out, but she would never know it because it does not come near her. Her main goal now is learning to be still and to enjoy Him, listening for His direction in all that she does.


Then rise my soul! And soar away, above the thoughtless crowd; above the pleasures of the gay, and the splendors of the proud;

Up where eternal beauties bloom, and the pleasures all divine; where wealth, that never can consume, and endless glories shine.



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