2ND PETER 3:14

So, beloved, since you are expecting these things, be eager to be found by Him (at His coming) without spot or blemish, and at peace — in serene confidence, free from fears and agitating passions and moral conflicts. AMP.


Serene — d) clear, unclouded, undisturbed, calm, quiet.

Agitate — d) to move violently, to stir up; shake up; to fluster.

Watch — c) to be vigilant

Vigilant — d) alert to danger

There are so many signs that we are living close to the Lord’s return. He says many times to watch and pray always. Watch means in the Greek to be vigilant or to be alert to danger. If your child is seriously ill, you will make time to pray. We must be vigilant with not only our basic needs, but especially our spiritual needs.

If we allow fears and worries to steal our peace now, we will get in the habit of giving in to the spirit that is stealing from us what we vitally need. We are used to a society that treats fear as a part of life that we must learn to cope with but not overcome. And yet that is exactly what 2nd Peter 3:14 is all about.

As we spend time in prayer, His Word, and praise and worship, the Holy Spirit will lead us to that beautiful, serene, peaceful secret place. This happens when we are without spot or sins that get in the way. If we put other things and people first, that will be a spot.

The main thing we have to do is never skip our prayer or reading or worship time. We must come to Him daily for our needed spiritual food as we do our regular food. You know when you are upset and fearful. We can not ignore these spots, but make sure they are covered in the blood of Jesus now. Then we will have that beautiful calm and serene peaceful heart that will be awake and alert when He comes.


Those whom the Savior saved upon the cross are in due time effectually called by the power of God, the Holy Spirit unto Holiness; they leave their sins; they endeavor to be like Christ; they choose holiness, not out of any compulsion, but from the stress of a new nature, which leads them to rejoice in holiness just as naturally as aforetime they delighted in sin.



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