What does it mean to walk in the Light? The word Light in the Greek means happiness, bright and illuminous.

Ephesians 5-8 says to walk as children of the Light. As the last days are upon us, it will get darker, but those in the Light will become brighter. Our walk is to be so opposite of the darkness so as to convict others so the Light in you will show them what they would not normally see. We are always to walk in love as Jesus did, learning His will in every situation having nothing to do with darkness.

Ephesians 5-13 says that when anything is exposed and reproved by the Light, it is visible and made clear. That is a good thing. Our sins are only washed away when we see them and turn away from them. If they are not exposed by the Light, we can be deceived by Satan and think all is well when in fact there is hidden sin. It is good when sin is brought out into the Light, for soon it will be covered in the Blood of Jesus and wiped away.

He goes on to say to look carefully how you walk and to know His will and to not be vague.(Amp.)

Vague – d) not clear or certain.

John 10-27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow Me.

Sometimes we are just not sure what course to take and we need to hear His voice saying “this is the way, walk here or do not go there.” There are many times in the Bible when we see God’s people received clear instructions from the Holy Spirit or even as the Angel came down and spoke to Mary about the Birth of Jesus.

In Acts 9:11-16, Ananias received clear instructions from the Lord to go to a certain street and house where Saul of Tarsus (Paul) was and to lay hands on him that he might regain his sight.

How much more urgent a time do we live in that the Lord would want to speak clear instructions to His people?

I have read David Wilkerson’s writings for years and loved the way He told about what the Lord spoke to Him. It made me want to hear Him speak to me. So I began to pray about it and to follow David’s instructions. I’ve included some of what He said here:

Excerpts from message titled “The Sound of His Voice” dated March 2002:

“We face certain needs in our daily walk, whether through crises or other urgent situations. In such moments, we need our Father’s voice to guide us, speaking to us things not outlined in His commandments. Simply put , we need to hear the same voice of the Father that Jesus heard while on earth.”

“I know the joy that comes from being shut in alone with Christ. It comes from worshipping Him, ministering to Him, waiting on Him to reveal His heart. I sit in His presence, listening for His still small voice. And He speaks to me by His Holy Spirit, showing me things I could never learn from a book or person. His truth comes to life in my spirit. And my heart leaps within me.”

“Jer. 23-18, Who hath stood in the council of the Lord, and hath marked His Word and heard it.”

“Have you been taught by Jesus in your secret closet of prayer? Have you sought Him for things you can’t get from books or teachers? Have you sat quietly in His presence, waiting to hear His voice? The Bible says all truth is in Christ. And He alone can impart it to you, through His Holy Spirit.”

David Wilkerson, Times Square Church Pulpit Series

Seeking His Face

Psalm 17:15 As for me I will continue beholding your face in righteousness – rightness, justice and right standing with You; I shall be fully satisfied, when I awake (to find myself) beholding Your form and having sweet communion with You. Amp.

Face means countenance. Commune means to converse intimately. He is making Himself available to us. He wants us to know Him, His voice, His gentleness, goodness and His Love. This is what we were created for. We all have that place in our heart that only He can fill, so why do we run everywhere else trying to fill it with something inferior?

He wants all of us. If we are truly seeking Him with all our heart, we will be willing to pay the price. The new covenant began with the crucifixion of Jesus. No one comes to the Father, but by the Son (John 14:6). The covenant means believing the promise or to trust in, adhere and to rely on. We can say we believe, but do we run to man for help when we are suffering and in pain. Our actions show where our heart and trust lies.

The scriptures say in Daniel that they abandoned the holy covenant and polluted the sanctuary. Isaiah 24:5 says they changed the ordinance. It has become the accepted behavior in the Church to go to man for help. The media has infiltrated all aspects of life including the Church.

We are to be separate from the world and all contaminating influences. The devil knows he has a short time left and is working overtime to draw everyone into his net of destruction. You have to protect your time alone with the Lord from all the influences and interruptions that try to steal your time alone with the Lord. You just have to turn everything off and give all your attention to Jesus or it will be in vain.

If we allow all these things to interrupt us, spiritual death will occur and cause our offering to become strange fire causing our heart to become empty, desolate and dry. I have seen many people continue in this condition and they think it is okay although they are miserable.

However, there is never any reason to live that way. Jesus has every answer for every problem and more than willing to give it to us. We must not be content to live at a distance from Him. He wants to be a part of everything we do. That is what following the Lamb is all about. We can get off track if left to ourselves. But if we follow Him, we learn His ways and how much better they are than our ways. He is so wonderful. He just wants the chance to prove it to each one of us personally.

Walking in the Light is not easy when their is darkness all around, and it will only get darker. But as we turn off the TV and Cell Phones and give Him all He asks, He always gives us above all we can ever ask or think. What could be better?

LORD OF EVERY MAN by Vineyard Music

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