Matt.25:13 Watch therefore— give strict attention and be cautious and active– for you know neither the day nor the hour when the son of man will come. Amp.

Watch in the Greek means vigilant. Vigilant means alert to danger. If you see something coming in your life that is dangerous, you probably would not fall asleep. We are not supposed to fear, but at the same time when trouble is near you must take action.

The action He is referring to is to watch and pray. The disciples fell asleep in the garden with Jesus and were not spiritually prepared for the danger that was ahead and ran away. Prayer is sometimes very hard for most people. But it is the way to spiritual strength. How many times do we hear that a prayerless soul is a powerless soul.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon on Prayer:

Prayer is never more real and acceptable than when it rises out of the worst places. Deep places develop deep devotion. Depths of earnestness are stirred by depths of tribulation. Diamonds sparkle most in the darkness. He who cries out of the depths will soon sing in the heights. Still there is a voice in silent supplication, a voice in our weeping, a voice in sorrow; that voice the Lord will hear, for it is meant for His ear.

Safety in The Last Days

In the book of Revelations it speaks of being safe 4 times. Lord please reveal to us the keys we need to safety in these last days. Here is one of those ways.

Rev.3:10 Because thou hast kept the word of My patience, I will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.

Patience used here in the Greek means constancy, and to bear trials. Try means to test, examine and prove. This life is the only chance we have to suffer for the Lord. The more suffering (in the right way), the greater our reward in heaven. However, we can abort the trial in our life by how we respond. We all want to be kept safe in that hour. Here are some ways to endure:


  • Not Defending Yourself — Jesus did not answer His accusers. He just walked away.
  • Waiting — Many instances require time for the Lord to work out the answers to our prayers. Waiting in faith with thanksgiving with no fear or anxiety will bring the answer.
  • Not Forcing Your Way — Isaiah 50:11 In every trial there is always a way around it where it can be avoided. We have all been there. If we avoid it, the Lord will bring it back again and again until we submit to His will and pass the test. We must look beyond the trial and see the blessing at the end. He loves to bless and does not enjoy our suffering.
  • Not To Panic in Fear and Run To Man For Help — There are times when we need a doctor and times that we don’t. Satan will bring symptoms to bring fear in your heart. It does not mean you have a deadly disease unless you believe and receive it. The Lord is our healer. “By His stripes we have been healed.” 1Peter 2:24 This is past tense . We must take Him at His Word and believe He has all ready done it for us with faith and no unbelief. If we have a problem in our spirit, it can cause sickness in our body. Jesus has allowed this for our deliverance in an area we may not be aware of. If we run to the doctor for a quick fix we abort the trial and lose the deliverance we need.
  • Be Prepared to Sing the Songs God Sends — The Lord wants us to face our troubles with thanksgiving and not with complaining. The songs He gives will lift us out of the flesh and into the spirit where He is. We receive the strength to endure the darkness in the right way so He can bring us into the Light.

I believe we are living in the last days. Jesus has set the stage for His return. All is ready as He awaits His Father’s voice saying “Go and get Your bride.”

He told me, “I am coming back and My people are not ready.” The scripture in Luke 21 says men’s hearts will fail them for fear. They will not have the strength needed to endure what is coming upon the earth.

We must allow Him to dwell in our hearts and sanctify and make them pure so we will be ready, awake, watching and alert to the danger all around when He comes.

One thought

  1. Thank you for reminding us to allow Him to dwell in our hearts and make them pure so we will be ready when He comes.


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