Phil Driscoll and other musicians made a CD called “Selah 1” in 1994 with no written music to go by. They followed the Holy Spirit. I believe he was way ahead of his time. I know I was not ready for what he and the music were saying back then as I was going through the fire.

He makes a wonderful statement about his vision on worship at the beginning of #3 on the CD. He was saying that there is a new sound , a new wind (or a new anointing) coming on the earth. God wants to fill His music with the power of His Presence and His Light that will lift our spirits out of the earthly realm to the heavenly realm– out of the reach of darkness and painful circumstances. Ephesians 2:6 says that we are raised up and seated with Him in the heavenly sphere and vs.5 says we are saved from judgment. His Presence is our place of safety. We must learn how to keep His commandments and give Him the first place in our hearts so we can remain in that place of safety.

There is a lot of Christian music that talks about Jesus and is pleasant to the ears, but it lacks the power to lift the soul out of the fleshly realm into the Spiritual realm where we are safe. We must pray and ask the Lord what He wants us to listen to. He knows what we need. He does not pour out His Spirit on everything. He is holy and does everything perfectly.

The word “praise” is in the book of Psalms 160 times. The word “sing” is in the book of Psalms 68 times. (Amplified Bible) The Lord is repeating to us over and over that praise and singing are vital to a healthy soul leading to joy and happiness.

Praise is a weapon against the enemy. He will fight endlessly to stop you. In Psalm 63:1 the psalmist is thirsty and dry, then looks upon the Lord and His whole being is satisfied. In Psalm 27:4 the psalmist is seeking His face and presence, then he knows in the day of trouble he will be safe.

Yes, this is a day of trouble. He is coming back a second time to bring us to Himself. We are blessed more than the angels. We were created in His image for Him. So many think that being a Christian means you give up everything good. It is the very opposite. When I gave Him my life, He took me out of my selfish ways and filled me up with His goodness and love. His ways are not our ways. They are better than anything we can ever ask or think.

This is a very wonderful time to be living. He is revealing Himself clearer to His people than ever before. We are blessed more than the angels!

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