PSALM 25:9-10

9. He leads the humble in what is right, and the humble He teaches His way.

10. All the paths of the Lord are mercy and steadfast love, even truth and faithfulness are they for those who keep covenant and His testimonies. Amp.

What does humble really mean? It does not mean that we are of no value. But that we recognize our need. We recognize the truth about fleshly man. We are in great need of help from above. Without it we fall. That is not the way the world thinks. They say believe in yourself. That is the opposite of what the Lord says and His desire for us.

He paid a great price for us meaning we have great value to Him. We must see the truth about ourselves and then go to the creator of all and ask for help. He will always teach us His ways and lead us by His gentleness. However most just want a ticket to heaven and do not want Him to lead the way. They want to do the leading.

A humble man depends on God. A prideful man depends on themselves. (David Wilkerson)

He leads them into paths of mercy, steadfast love, truth and faithfulness. The whole time He is teaching them to follow Him. He does it oh so gently. He uses His love and mercy laced with truth and His faithfulness. How blessed we are to be pampered so.

His promise is for those who keep covenant and His testimonies. If we keep covenant and His testimonies, we are serving Him alone with a good witness. We must show others by our walk who we are. They must hear Jesus come out of your mouth and live in your heart. You cannot walk in the world and do what they do and expect your path always to be mercy and love.

He will show us the way as we humbly follow Him.


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  1. Question…. do you have Prophetic insight? I had honestly never heard of this before. I was reading a post about healing and asked for them to pray for Eli my grandson and for Bella my granddaughter and I was told to ask help from someone who has prophetic insight.


    1. I have never heard of it either. The Lord shows me a lot about the people I pray for, I have been through similar trials and know how the devil works. But there are times that I just know what people are going through. It shows me how to pray. Then there are things He shows me about the future that I would rather not know.
      I did not know about Bella. I pray about Eli and your step-daughter.
      What I would tell you about Eli is you must believe that he only has symptoms. He has only been diagnosed with Epilepsy and C. Palsy. He does not have them. By His strips we have been healed. Eli has already been healed. But Satan does everything to bring fear by watching him suffer. It is so hard I know. But it is just like the song we used to sing, “Whose report do you believe? We will believe the report of the Lord. His report says I am healed!” The doctors are not led by the Holy Spirit. They are wrong. It is all about what you believe. He only has symptoms and they must go. I bind Satan 3 times a day for him and expect him to get well.
      I hope that answers your question. You will come out of this more than a conqueror! 🙏🤗🙏💖

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      1. Thank you so much! I will read this again later today and absorb it all. I appreciate you taking the time to leave such a detailed answer. Thank you for caring. Bella is my granddaughter from my other daughter. I have 2 biological daughters.
        How are you and your daughter?
        Sending hugs your way.
        Thanks again


      2. The Lord is healing Eli of the symptoms. Make sure you do not say he has Epilepsy or C, Palsy. You do not want to own it. My friend was healed of Cancer this way.
        My daughter started working with Instacart getting groceries for people. She sounded completely different and positive. Thanks for praying. It is always harder when it is your own kids. Hugs back to you! 🤗🙏👍

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