10. For my determined purpose is that I may know Him — that I may progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him, perceiving and recognizing and understanding the wonders of His Person more strongly and more clearly. And that I may in that same way come to know the power outflowing from His resurrection which exerts over believers; and that I may so share His sufferings as to be continually transformed in spirit into His likeness even to His death, in the hope,

11. That, if possible, I may attain to the spiritual and moral resurrection that lifts me out from among the dead even while in the body. Amp.

This sounds to me like the rapture. But He is talking about it spiritually. We are lifted out from the decay of sin into the perfection of Jesus while in this body. Our main purpose is not the great commission but in getting to know Him. There is so much of Him to know.

We will spend eternity getting to know Him. But we are to begin now. As we spend our time in His presence, He reveals Himself to us in many ways as we come to Him. We must make the effort and spend the time alone with Him getting to know His voice.

When He reveals Himself, we are exposed to His great power. This is His resurrection power that raises the dead and that means we are filled with His power to transform and change us. His power then shines through us into this dark world. as bright lights, stars or beacons shining out clearly in this dark world.

Then we can perform the great commission because we are changed and like Him. His light can shine through us as He performs His works.


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